Straightforward talks: Is Esenyurt municipality a slums district


Turkey witnessed a huge global tourism boom in the last ten years, due to the revolutionary economic and infrastructure boost the Turkish government has been working on, to become a tourism attraction eventually for more than 50 million annually, with a predication of TurkStat governmental statices center that the number will get doubled in the next season.

But, what wasn't expected is that many international tourists who visit Turkey for summer vacation will settle down in the long term, whether for living or work. At the same time, the country owns all the key indicators of the robust basis for establishing a new life.,

Meanwhile, the population density of Istanbul, one of Turkey's megacities, increased. Creating a new well-developed district became necessary; Esenyurt municipality is one of these new emerging regions rapidly inhabited in the last ten years.

And due to both immigration and the newcomer's boom, some of Esenyurt's neighborhoods have become unorganized places, with poor infrastructure and weak services. However, the big question here is, what about now, is Esenyurt municipality still a slums district today???

The Todays of Esenyurt Municipality:
The Turkish government has worked to develop the entire infrastructure in the municipality of Esenyurt in the last ten years by regenerating the entire infrastructure of Esenyurt by creating new vital centers of services (TUYAP Exhibition and Conference Centre), such as more than five mega universities, 19 primary and high schools, four shopping malls, and most importantly, the transportation of the Esenyurt municipality, which is got evolved through years, and today Esenyurt owns three different means of transportation, Metro (underground line), Metrobus (aboveground line), and public buses lines.

Transportation in Istanbul plays a crucial role in explicitly boosting the purchasing value of the real estate properties in Istanbul while the city spreads over vast areas; therefore, the easy accessibility and freedom of mobility are essential elements of developing the faced of the municipality and attracting the Turkish citizens and foreigners to immigrate to Esenyurt municipality.

The Real Estate Property Investment in Esenyurt Municipality:
According to the governmental plan of expanding Istanbul based on distributing the population density, the urban construction was also distributed towards the city’s east and the west, away from the historical center, So the well-organized real estate compounds in Esenyurt emerged to increase the purchasing value per meter, that is raised by more than 245% in the last five years; simultaneously, the rental rate has reached 352.2% annually.

So in terms of real estate property investment in Turkey, buying a property in Esenyurt must be considered an investment, due to the relatively low purchasing cost, compared to other central municipalities, so whether for resale or renting a property in Esenyurt municipality, a successful investment can be built.
About the investment type in Esenyurt municipality is seen as a quantity over quality investment due to low purchasing costs, that enable the foreigner investors to invest money by buying multiple units, instead of buying a quality type property, for example:

Maslak or Basin Express are considered high-value purchasing districts, so the capital will be accumulated in one property that owns such a high capital appreciation but at the same time a slower in terms of progressive increase in purchasing value.

Eventually, Esenyurt municipality is not an unorganized slums district anymore; however, Esenyurt is a globally attractive destination for Turks and foreigners alike, suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreign investors through real estate investment.

But nothing can be done unless a qualified guide accompanies you through the journey of finding the best property in Turkey; connect with us, and let our advisors help you the way you deserve.

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