What Do We Know About International Marmara Road


The mega infrastructure project in Turkey is witnessing a permanent evolving process. These projects economically contribute to the Turkish economy by creating added value to whatever is established.

The unique element of the mega infrastructure project of Turkey is two essential terms:
1- Turkish taxpayers pay nothing; the Turkish government is functioning with BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer Contracts) that sort of contract opens the foreigner's investment gate.

The infrastructure will sophistically evolve within the country without paying a penny. After 25 to 30 years, the assets of massive projects will return to the Turkish government; in other words, it's a win-win deal for Turkey and foreign investors.

2- Turkey's real estate market is becoming more desirable for global investors worldwide. According to the Turkish statistical institution, 214.6% is an increase in real estate sold for foreigners in July 2022. Foreigner investors are gaining a considerable increase in their real estate properties in Turkey, and the market is getting a better appreciation in terms of value and pricing.

International Marmara Road The Newest Mega Infrastructure Project in Turkey:
This second part of the Marmara International Road consists of 3 water bridges, 12 land bridges, 14 underpasses, nine pedestrian bridges, two tunnels, two ring roads, and 51 traffic outlets, with a length of 400 km.

The road to Maramara will shorten the time from two hours to 45 minutes only between Izmir city and Çandarlı.

 Its investment value reached 352 million dollars, equivalent to five billion Turkish liras, which are again operated and constructed by foreign investors by signing the BOT with the Turkish government for 25 years to transfer the ownership assets to Turkey later.

The Vision Of 2023:
Within the declared Turkish governmental plan (Vision of 2023), the Turkish government collaborated with several global partners to finalize the mega projects in Turkey. Such as the Canal of Istanbul, the IFC (International Financial City) in Atasehir, Ataturk National Park, and many more projects that aim to shift the country to an advanced upper level and put Istanbul and Turkey among the most powerful economies in the world and the most influential on the political level as well.

Time passes quickly, and these mega projects raise Turkey's real estate market value. So if you are one of the foreign investors who intend to obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate assets, now is the best time to buy real estate in Turkey, achieve the highest levels of income from real estate investment, and obtain Turkish citizenship.

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