All about Residence Permit in Turkey


Today's Turkey is nothing like ten years ago; in all aspects of social and urban life, foreign investors are immigrating daily to Turkey due to the robust economy built based on accumulative services dedicated to serving the community perfectly.

The educational system for schools and universities is what parents seek to establish the first block of their kids' successful future and uncountable bases that would attract global citizens to settle down in Turkey to live the Turkish dream of a tranquil, happy life.

Meanwhile, the need to acknowledge foreign laws and legislations has become a most for the newcomers, so in this article, we're informing you about residence permits in Turkey, sorts of residence permits for foreigner tourists, the following privileges granted from extracting residence permit in Turkey, and the legally required documents that would finalize extracting the residence permits in Turkey successfully:

First, What is The Residence Permit for Foreigners:
The foreign tourist must obtain a residence permit in Turkey if they want to extend their stay in Turkey beyond the period of the visa granted, which is mainly 90 days max.
The Sorts of Residence Permit of Turkey:
In Turkey, there're various categories for residence permits, which depend on the purpose of extending the stay in Turkey. Each has its specific requirements in terms of fees and legal documents. However, the significant difference is the time which is divided between the long-term and short-term

The Short-Term Residence Permit:
1- Tourist Residence Permit: Foreigners who wish to extend their tourist residence in Turkey beyond 90 days must apply for a residence permit from the Immigrants administration (Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü); in this case, the Tourist residence permit will be granted. The given allowed period for residence would be around nine months up to one-year maximum, with the possibility of annual renewal.

2- Real Estate Residence Permit: Foreigners who possess immovable real estate property in Turkey are legally eligible to get a residence permit; the property must be a house with a real estate title deed that all family members can share to gain the residence permit in Turkey.

The given allowed period for residence would be around one-year maximum up to two years, with the possibility of annual renewal.

3- Commercial Residence Permit: foreigners who aspire to establish a commercial registry in Turkey are allowed to extract a commercial residence permit, which would be extracted according to the sort of commercial activity in Turkey. The tax number plus the commercial registry must apply for the commercial residence permit.

Those working for a local company in Turkey can obtain the commercial residence as well, according to the acceptance letter or the invitation letter submitted from the local company in Turkey. The allowed period for residence depends on the signed contract with a local company with the possibility of renewal according to the contract renewal.

4- Medical Residence Permit: Forginer who intends to reserve long-term medical care in Turkey, such as (Surgery or long-term medical treatment), are allowed to extract a residence permit in Turkey, which is extracted according to the medical reports issued by a governmental or private hospital in Turkey. The allowed residence permit is issued according to Turkey's medical treatment period.

5- Student Residence Permit: Students who wish to complete their education in Turkey, whether to study within the Turkish university or an Erasmus program, must apply to gain a residence permit in Turkey, which is issued according to the student acceptance letter from the educational institution. The allowed residence permit period can be extended as long as the education enrollment in Turkey is active, regardless of the applied academic degree in Turkey.

The Long-Term Residence Permit:
The residence permit is issued under specific conditions, according to Turkish law, which can be released only by the governorate upon the approval of the Ministry.

Who has the right to apply for the Long-Term Residence Permit?
Foreigners with legal, authorized long-term residence beyond the eight years in Turkey are legally eligible to apply through a local attorney to gain a long-term residence permit.
But the main question is, for how long is the long-term residence permit granted?

- The answer depends on each application; according to its qualification, each file would determine the submitted period of prolonged stay in Turkey. However, the duration usually would be granted for at least eight years in a row, with a possibility for extension.

The Required legal Documents to Apply for Residence Permit in Turkey:
1-Residence permit application form
2- Copy of passport or equivalent travel document
3-Four biometric photographs
4- Proof of financial sufficiency and regular means of subsistence for the duration of the stay
5- Documents/receipts for the payment of residence permit fee and card fee
6- Title deed proving the applicant's ownership (required for foreigners who own immovable property in Turkey)​
7- Valid health insurance issued locally in Turkey.

And for students, the only additional required documents would be:
1- the original high school graduation certificate, which is released from the homeland country of the student.
2- the acceptance letter from the enrolled university in Turkey.  
All the documents must be translated into Turkish by a sworn translator and notarized.

What about the Privileges of gaining a Residence Permit for Foreigners in Turkey:
1- Turkish citizenship: Those with a residence permit in Turkey have the right to obtain Turkish citizenship if the period of residence in Turkey has been completed for five straight years.
Proof of good behavior is an essential requirement for applying for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
Submitting a criminal record free of any criminal incidents during the continuous five-year stay in Turkish territory is what would be that proof, which is extracted through the E-DEVELT governmental website.

The application for obtaining Turkish citizenship is submitted through a Turkish lawyer specializing in foreign affairs, and the application is submitted to the Directorate General of Migration Management in Turkey (Göç İdaresi Başkanlığı).
It is worth emphasizing that only holders of tourist, real estate, and commercial residence permits are entitled to apply for Turkish citizenship in Turkey.

2- Stay in Turkey legally
3- Freedom to exit and enter Turkey without a visa
4 - Freedom of movement between Turkish states
5 - Ease of living in Turkey
6 - Facilitate legal and financial transactions
7- The right to education in Turkey

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