All You Should Learn About Working as a Foreigner in Turkey


Working in Turkey is a life goal for many due to Turkish society's social and economic structure. Also, the Turkish government's policies that were created recently to attract more foreigners worldwide, however, first worked on serving the Turks and foreigners alike, with a robust infrastructure that ensures the flexibility and easy accessibility for sources within any working field.

However, to maintain stability within any working field in Turkey on a long-term basis, the worker or employee must stick with the laws and consider the legal obligations seriously to avoid any potential bummers, which most of the time leads to mandatory departure out of the country, plus paying a heavy fain.

Therefore we're informing you in this article about all these restrictions and legal commitments for foreign employees:

The working permit for foreign employees:

To work in Turkey lawfully and guarantee all your rights, and maintain the link with your obligation for the work owner and the government, you must have the working permit; otherwise, functioning in any company or factory without owning the working permit will be illegal. Both the employer and employee would face uncountable problems, But let us tell why it's so essential to get the working permit and what the obtained privileges, rights, and guarantees that could benefit the foreign employee:

1 - The worker shall receive the minimum wage determined by the Ministry of Family,
Labor and Social Affairs annually.
2- Obtaining family health insurance (SGK), plus free treatment in government hospitals
for a nominal fee.
3- The right to apply for Turkish citizenship after five years of possession of it.
4- The ability to obtain a pension after the age of sixty.
5- Admitting children to public schools for free.

Given the importance of the civil rights provided by the work permit to the employee or foreign worker, the Ministry of Family and Labor is worked to stress that the employer obtains legal papers that protect civil rights and social living.

The Divers types of the working permit for foreigners in Turkey:

1- Work permit for temporary protection cardholders
Temporary protection cardholders (Syrian - Palestinian - Afghani nationality) can acquire a work permit in Turkey, provided that they have been registered under this system and that the work permit application is through the same state in which they were documented.

2- The working permit for Students in Turkey:
An international student can apply to work during university studies and thus obtain a work permit in the sector in which they work. Still, one of the primary conditions for work for students in Turkey is that the working days don't exceed 3-4 days during the week (part-time job).

3- Residence permit holders work in Turkey:
Recently, many decisions have been amended regarding issuing residence permits for foreigners and their types. It was allowed for a foreigner holding a tourist residence permit to apply for work, and thus receive a work permit in Turkey, however lately, a bunch of regulations has been modified to cancel the eligibility of tourist residence permit holders to work; instead, they're obligated to extract a work residence permit, and declare their visit's purpose at the first place once they're applying for a visa.

The worker must obtain a work permit according to the work contract signed with the company in which they work. Thus a work permit is issued that entitles the foreign employee to obtain all their rights from health insurance and the pension after the age of sixty.

Who is legally accountable for applying for a work permit?
Every employer can apply for a work permit to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (Workers and employees aren't obligated to apply themselves).

Whereas there're some cases in which the employer cannot pay the health insurance fees. Therefore, he deducts part of the employee's salary after having a negotiation during the job interview. Next time, don't forget to ask about all the salary details and the net amount of the received money.

What are the applying conditions for a work permit for foreign employees:

1- The applicant for a work permit must hold a valid passport.
2 - That the period of stay exceeds six months.
3- Have a relevant residence permit

As for the required documents to obtain a work permit, they differ between sectors, meaning that the legal documents that are required within the major companies may differ from the ones required in the factories, however in general, the demanded papers are straightforward, and extraction is not complicated, some of which can be brought from the E-Devlet system, and some of them through the embassy of the employee's country, such as:

1- The equivalency of the civil engineer architect certificate, if the certificate is
from outside Turkey
(Notarized locally).
2- A tourist residence of not less than six months.
3- Certified translation of the job applicant's credentials (Notarized locally).
4- Marriage document if the applicant is married.
5- Certified translation of the passport (Notarized locally).
6- Resume of the applicant.

Eventually, deciding on moving to Turkey is absolutely the right call you have ever taken. Still, also we need to tell you that Turkey has 81 megacities; meanwhile, where to move to, and where to get a new job and settle down, won't be a piece of cake decision. Meanwhile, we highly recommend you read more about life in Turkey, which are the ideal Turkish cities for ideal foreigner life in Turkey, and other essential issues that you must inform yourself about before picking up your luggage.

But there's one thing you must be sure about: Turkey Advisors' team is always ready to help and answer all your concerns; leave us a message or call us, so we serve the way you deserve.

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